West Coast Watershed

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Sonoma County Biodiversity Action Plan

Sonoma County is one of the most biologically diverse places in the United States, home to numerous unspoiled habitats and a treasury of both familiar and rare plant and animal species. Conservation, stewardship and restoration of the natural ecosystems that support biological diversity are direct measures to safeguard this legacy for future generations. Learn more ...

North Coast IRWMP

The North Coast Integrated Regional Water Management Plan

NCIRWMP is an innovative, stakeholder-driven collaboration among local government, watershed groups, tribes and interested partners in the North Coast region of California. The North Coast comprises seven counties and multiple major watersheds, with a land mass of 19,390 square miles—which represents 12% of the landscape of California. Learn more ...


Noyo River Watershed Enhancement Plan

The purpose of the Noyo River Watershed Enhancement Plan is to compile existing information for the Noyo River Watershed and to identify and describe strategic management and restoration activities. Learn more ...


Russian River Watershed Adaptive Management Plan

The overarching goal for the Russian River Watershed Adaptive Management Plan (RRWAMP) is to promote ecological health and sustainability within the Russian River watershed. Learn more ...