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Noyo River Watershed Enhancement Plan


Noyo Watershed Enhancement Plan, California State Coastal Conservancy

The purpose of the Noyo River Watershed Enhancement Plan (Noyo WEP) is to compile existing information for the Noyo River Watershed and to identify and describe strategic management and restoration activities—including detailed project descriptions, cost estimates and schedules. The Noyo WEP is designed to complement other planning efforts within and proximate to the watershed, and is intended to integrate with local planning efforts as well as larger regional, state and federal planning frameworks.

The Noyo WEP incorporates key elements from state planning processes, including CDFG’s Recovery Strategy for California Coho Salmon, the local CDFG Basin Plan and technical reports for the Noyo watershed including Albin (2006) and Albin and Law (2006). Additionally, information from the California State Coastal Conservancy’s Conservation Prospects for the North Coast, the NCRWQCB Basin Plan, US EPA’s Noyo River Watershed Sediment Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL), and the SWRCB Watershed Management Initiative was incorporated. Additional state planning information includes DWR’s California Water Plan, recreational trails plans developed by the California Department of Parks and Recreation, California Geologic Survey (CGS) technical reports, and the Jackson Demonstration State Forest draft Plan and other environmental assessment, forest management, and technical reports developed by the California Department of Forestry.

The Noyo WEP will eventually be incorporated into the Noyo-Big River Integrated Coastal Watershed Management Plan—an ongoing, adaptive management planning effort that addresses watershed management from multiple environmental and socio-economic perspectives. Additionally, the Noyo WEP complements the Noyo River Sediment TMDL (US EPA 1999) and enhances efforts to meet TMDL targets. Finally, the Noyo WEP will be incorporated into the North Coast Integrated Regional Water Management Plan—a regional effort that encompasses all of Regional Water Quality Control Board Region 1.

In addition to statewide planning efforts, the Noyo WEP incorporates local coastal planning processes and technical reports, including those developed by Mendocino Redwoods Company and Hawthorne Timber Company, the City of Fort Bragg, the County of Mendocino, and the Mendocino Land Trust.

Key stakeholders have been involved in the development of the Noyo WEP, including state and federal agencies, as well as the local Noyo Watershed Alliance—a collaborative watershed restoration planning group consisting primarily of representatives from private enterprise and public agencies. The Noyo WEP was developed with ongoing input and review by the Noyo Watershed Alliance (NWA), and many of the proposed projects were identified and prioritized by the NWA. Future stakeholder involvement will take place as the Noyo WEP is incorporated into the Noyo-Big River Integrated Coastal Watershed Management Plan.

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